Branding Tattoo Removal

Human Trafficking Branding 

Human traffickers use multiple tactics to execute control over their victims. One such way is by forcing or coercing their victims into getting tattooed to signify that they belong to that trafficker.


 Even when free from their trafficker, these tattoos are a constant reminder of the trauma survivors experienced and can often hinder employment and their ability to rebuild their lives. We believe branding tattoo removal is an essential part of a survivor's healing and recovery process. 


How We Are Helping

Project iRISE is working with local tattoo removal specialist to offer free branding removal services for survivors of human trafficking. By removing tattoos that have been forced on by a trafficker, we help empower victims by removing or covering their markings and brandings that are constant reminders of a traumatic past.

What Survivors Are Saying

"Removing this tattoo is super important to me because it gives me a sense of freedom like my chains are finally being broken away from my trafficker. I no longer have to explain to the outside world why I have a man's name tattooed on my body and I no longer have to feel uncomfortable or guilty about my past. I no longer feel like an object or like I am a piece of property. Our bodies are our temples and removing this tattoo makes me love mine a lot more."


— iRISE Client

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