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 About Sex Trafficking

Who's at Risk?

While every young person is at risk for trafficking, this is a highly gendered crime. 97% of reported victims are women and girls. 75% of these are under the age of 25. Additionally, 92% of victims knew the person who trafficked them either as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or family member. (

Vulnerability to trafficking can include youth of any race or gender. However, Indigenous, Black, racialized, LGBTQ+ and youth with histories of abuse, poverty, or neglect are at greater risk.

 Signs of Trafficking

Victims of trafficking may exhibit some or all of these signs. However, someone can be a victim and not exhibit any of these signs.

  • New & expensive gifts 

  • ​Poor school attendance

  • Change in behaviour

  • Evidence of being controlled

  • Dressed inappropriately for the weather

  • ​Branding tattoos

  • Signs of self-harm

  • Unexplained bruises, injuries, or burns

  • Hostile or Angry

  • ​Anxious & Nervous

  • Shy or submissive

  • Confused about whereabouts

  • Speaks openly about sex

  • ​John, trick, “the life or game”

  • Boyfriend “daddy” or “My man”

  • Not allowed to speak for themselves

Canada's Human Trafficking Hotline


The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline is a confidential, multilingual service, operating 24/7 to connect callers to support and services and will also take tips, answer questions and forward information, when appropriate, to law enforcement

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