Survivor Leadership

When it comes to finding solutions to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation, the survivor’s voice is vital in establishing effective and comprehensive strategies that advance prosecution, protection, and prevention efforts. Survivors are uniquely equipped to help develop policies, advocate, engage with the public, or collaborate with governments to improve legislation and programming.  

The Project iRISE Approach

Our program is a multi-faceted curriculum designed to enable survivors to begin healing, build fellowship, and develop into leaders. Our program provides a comprehensive, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive one-year training that combines coaching, group learning experiences, and one-on-one mentorship. Throughout the program, survivors are provided additional opportunities to shadow anti-trafficking meetings, practice active listening and public speaking while building their networks and strengthen ties with their community. 


Throughout the Project iRISE program, survivors are provided opportunities for professional and personal development, creating authentic leadership opportunities in a diversity of roles.

  • Policy Advisor

    Working alongside local, provincial, and federal leaders to inform policy.

  • Consultant

    Working for the public and private sector in program design, project management, and curriculum development.

  • Public Speaker

    Working as a keynote speaker, panellist, and training facilitator.


  • Researcher

    Working within academic institutions and organizations to collect, analyze, and report on the latest findings.

Project iRISE

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