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Survivor Leadership

The Project iRISE Survivor Leadership Program was designed to help survivors of sex trafficking regain their self-esteem, build their leadership skills, and rebuild their lives. The program was designed, implemented, and evaluated by survivors of human trafficking and led by a survivor-run team, the first of its kind in Toronto.


The Survivor Leadership program is a comprehensive, trauma-informed, and culturally responsive one-year program where survivors participate in online workshops and one-on-one mentorship to gain employment skills. Through the program, a diverse group of survivors built on their unique strengths while establishing a trusted network amongst their peers. All of which culminated with the Project iRISE Symposium, which was entirely planned and led by graduates for service providers, political leaders, and community members to provide additional opportunities for learning, networking and connecting.

Program Impact

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Participant Testimonial 

Image by Sasha  Freemind

"Before Project iRISE, I felt worthless and unworthy of being a strong, financially successful woman and survivor of human trafficking (HT). This 8-month journey with Project iRISE, surrounded by other amazing peer-HT-survivors, allowed me to go deep within myself, face my darkest traumas, and RISE UP!"


Thank you to everyone who has supported this organization and the program from the beginning and along the way. We could not have done this without everyone's efforts and continued support. A special thank you goes to our funders, community members, board members, participants, volunteers, working group members, and our amazing team!

Read The Full Report Here:

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