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The Kids Are Not Okay: COVID-19 has Increased Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Concerns

As COVID-19 continues to spread across Canada and the rest of the world, most of us have found ourselves adhering to strict stay-at-home orders. For children, this provides more time to access ...

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Domestic violence, social distancing, and the closure of public spaces.

The recent social distancing protocols that have resulted in the closures of public places have reminded me of the hidden risks for women and children living in domestic violence. I was once that woman, living in an abusive relationship for several years with four young children.

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Dispelling common myths about human trafficking

Friday is Human Trafficking Awareness Day in Ontario and it troubles me that the average Torontonian still knows so little about this all-too-common crime. Too many of us imagine this crime as it appears ...

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Opinion: We Should Use the Right Word for R. Kelly's Alleged Actions, and That's Trafficking

Like many people, I couldn’t look away from Lifetime’s six-part docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly. Unlike most viewers, though, I wasn’t binge-watching because I couldn’t believe the stories ...


I Knew Cyntoia Brown

Like many, I have closely followed the case of Cyntoia Brown. Hers is a tragic and troubling tale that has recently reignited a debate about the galling sexist, classist and racist inconsistencies of ...

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