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Board Member

Kelly has been an Assistant Crown Attorney in Toronto since 2002. She has prosecuted all types of criminal offences, specializing in child abuse, exploitation, high-profile multi-victim and sexual violence cases. She is a designated mentor for junior crowns on sexual violence prosecutions and a designated human trafficking prosecution crown.

Since 2017, she has been seconded to the Office of the Children’s Lawyer and is Lead Counsel on their anti-human trafficking legal representation program. As independent counsel for survivors of human trafficking, Kelly obtains human trafficking restraining orders across Ontario, preventing traffickers from having any contact with their victims, or others at risk, while also connecting survivors with wrap-around supports.

Kelly participated in the development of Ontario’s Anti-Human Trafficking Act and currently educates lawyers, police, judges, child welfare agencies, medical professionals, youth at risk, and service providers across Ontario on the provincial human trafficking legislation. Other provinces regularly consult her in developing similar legislation and she presents at provincial, Canada-wide, and international conferences on human trafficking.

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