Board Member

Chloe D’Agostini is a seasoned creative strategist, with a passion for driving brand growth through innovation and storytelling in the media. Her experiences have led her to shape and transform the identity of many top enterprises, startups, and personal brands throughout the US and Canada. Most notably, she co-owned the famed e-commerce business The Beard Club, taking it from a hip start-up to a multi-million-dollar global brand.

As the former lead of Media Amplification at Super Connector Media, Chloe worked with more than 50 different entrepreneurs and brands, creating a program from scratch that supported clients in maximizing their press and media coverage through social media and online marketing. As the Director of Ojamu, a global media and marketing consultancy, Chloe is responsible for the company's growth and vision. She oversees and develops marketing strategies for the world's leading brands throughout Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia.

She is committed to using her expertise to support the initiatives of Project iRISE, driving further awareness to the nonprofit organization and helping to empower survivors of human trafficking.